QLS Level 3 Diploma in Early Childhood Education


QLS Level 3 Diploma in Early Childhood Education


This course provides learners with a sound theoretical knowledge of all the key areas of early childhood education.

Course Structure

The QLS Level 3 Diploma in Early Childhood Education consists of 8 mandatory modules and demands 400 hours to complete the course.

Mandatory Modules  
Academic English and Study Skills  
Introduction to Teaching Profession  
Principles of Educational Psychology  
Introduction Curriculum Development  
Assessment Methodology  
Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education  
Learning Strategies  
Physical Education and it’s Instructions  

Duration and Delivery

The course is designed to be delivered in 4 months for full-time study, but it is also flexible in its delivery in order to accommodate part-time and distance learning.


Successful completion of the QLS Level 3 Diploma course will provide learners the opportunity for academic progression to a wide range of Level 4 qualifications.

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